Sydnee Sampson-Blackwell

Software Engineer

Bay Area Native. Grew up in Oakland Ca and graduated from Five Keys Charter School here in San Francisco. I am a current entrepreneur with my own business printing and designing apparel at Ship Tech Prints. I am also a software engineer at Accenture here in San Francisco. I focus on creating projects to uplift underrepresented communities. As the first one to break into tech in my family, I plan to use technology to help me create generational wealth.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Leveraging Open Source To Accelerate Your Tech Career

GSB 109

I will talk about the Power of open source and how it can transform an individual’s tech career from novice to professional. I will also walk through the steps of how to create an open source project while giving examples of open source projects that I have created that has accelerated my career. By the […]

Technical skills