Saba Ghebreyesus

FacingIn LLC

Saba Ghebreyesus is one of the founders at FacingIn LLC, a consulting firm emphasizing an amalgamation of Restorative justice and incorporating Saba’s expertise in design thinking to support organizations in creating equitable and healthy work spaces by embedding Community building practices like Restorative Justice, DEI and L&D. She has led over 1000 Community circles & trainings. She develops & designs communities that are data informed & systems cross-functionally for large scale enterprises to budding startups who look to create infrastructures driven by their values.

Saba started her journey in front of the camera with media production & entertainment reporting back in 2006, but decided she wanted to pursue the Equity space once learning about the health disparities young people face in Oakland & the cultural disconnect between the adults that serviced them. Before 2016, Saba worked with Oakland schools in multiple activations from district wide Community building trainings, Restorative Justice Harm & conflict trainings, to leading the research on health disparities Oakland children experience, to leveraging her media relationships to develop Panels with local sports teams like the Raiders, Radio station 106-Kmel personalities, KQED and multiple celebrities etc. In late 2016, Saba enrolled in Design thinking courses at the D school and joined an accelerator on building your startup at Stanford to propel into the world of consulting.

Saba holds a twice yearly digital media accelerator for bay area youth under Iceehouse.com & partners them w/internships & media opportunities. She also likes to walk on hikes in Marin county with her family and makes & holds craft chocolate tastings with friends.

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