Mishelle Hill

Tools QA Dev
Naughty Dog

Mishelle Hill is a former junior scientist at the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She found a strong infinity for video games late in college after watching a play through of The Last of Us and now she works on a technical QA team at Naughty Dog to develop their next biggest IP. She is passionate about bringing people into this industry because of all the tribulations she faced while entering and staying in it. She has started businesses and provided resources, currently being developed and in their primitive form, dedicated to the goal of introducing better and more abundant representation. She has the goal of returning to Tech Intersections for more inclusive and more technical talks as she develops in her career.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Getting the Foot in the Door: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviewing in Tech

GSB 125

What is your approach when looking for a new job or career? How do you best convey your skills and experience in your job search? You may already be experienced with writing resumes, cover letters, and interviewing, but this is one of the most important first steps of advancing or starting your career. Not being […]

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