Katherine Castro

Associate Director DEIB
Hustle Hunters

Katherine Castro is Panamanian, a mother of Chamorro, Black, Latin√© and Italian children, and lives in the Bay Area. She holds her B.S in Organization Studies at the University of California, Davis, and her M.S in Career Coaching at San Francisco State University; she’s pivoted into the tech industry to listen and provide solutions for diversity and inclusion efforts. Other involvements include the owner of Castro Career Consulting, the Co-founder of Parenting Backwards, the Founder of DEIB Community Group, the Author of Oh, Pits, a story about acceptance and love (pending), the Associate Director of DEIB at Hustle Hunters, and is known for community gathering and collaboration with other DEIB practitioners. In combination with her coaching expertise and passion for strategic diversity and inclusion execution, she brings you conversation, New to the workforce: Secure your coins and your consciousness.

My Sessions

My Sessions

New to the Workforce: Secure your Coins and Your Consciousness

GSB 110

Teach my audience how to avoid the pitfalls of giving our entire worth and financial goals to one organization. Share how to pinpoint resources outside of the educational system that is best for you. During COVID, everyone became a career coach; how do you know to who to give your time or money to?

Career skills Self-Care