Karlha Davies

Korazon.io Konsultants

First generation, daughter of Mexican immigrants with talents in comunidad, culture, connections and creativity Karlha Dannyce Arias-Davies is the vibe creator, founder and flame behind Korazón.io Konsultants a community bridge building marketing social impact collective of BIPOC based in Modesto, Cali.

Karlha is fueled by passion first and foremost, hence the name Korazón (heart). With a contagious energy (and smile) she excels at human connections and relentlessly champions the underdog by leaning on her lived experiences as a Latina and career strengths in marketing and engagement.

Her belief is that every person deserves respect, love and kindness. Her favorite people are ones who lead with a servant’s heart, are not afraid to speak truth and hold space for those not represented at the tables of influence.

My Sessions

My Sessions

The Secret Sauce to Creating Tech in Underserved Communities…Collaboration + Passion = Possibilities

GSB 117

How the heck do you create and elevate the tech vibe in your community? Join Women Techmakers Modesto, a misfit group of 5 BIPOC who are as diverse and different as can be but have found a way to create a tech community in California’s Central Valley, the home of immigrant farmworkers and agricultural industry […]

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