Joy Dixon

Founder & CEO
Mosaic Presence

Joy Dixon has worked in the tech industry for 20+ years as an engineering leader, software engineer, technical trainer, and even as a network administrator. Currently, Joy is on her venture capital journey and working with start up founders: advising, investing, and developing their MVPs.

Joy holds a Bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies, a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and several professional certifications. In the course of a diverse career, Joy has lead development teams, designed and developed applications using several languages including Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and Swift. In addition, she has configured and administered networks for global companies.

Joy loves learning new technologies and has a great deal of passion for training. In 2008, Joy decided to move into technical training in order to assist people with successfully utilizing technology. Joy has designed and delivered online and in-person, web and game development, courses for the University of Virginia, the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, Academy of Art University as well as AcademyX (professional training center).

Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion (JEDI), technology, coaching, and investing are Joy’s bliss!

My Sessions

My Sessions

Venture Capital in Color — Basics & Beyond

GSB 101

Have you ever wondered about how to fund your company or invest in companies? What’s the difference between the various stages (Seed, Series A, etc.) How does one get started in venture capital and what’s it like working in that space? Join us for an enlightening and informative conversation with accomplished Venture Captial professionals. You’ll […]

Tech entrepreneurship and VC

Identity Leadership — The Powerful Assets of Leaders of Color

GSB 118

Have you thought about leadership, but doubted your abilities — not because of skills, but because of who you are? Let that go! Join us for a thoughtful conversation with awesome leaders who show up authentically in their identity. You’ll walk away learning: How the ways people of color move through and experience the world […]

Career skills