Frieda McAlear

Senior Research Associate
Kapor Center for Social Impact

Frieda McAlear, (Inupiaq) MRes, is the Senior Research Associate at the Kapor Center, where she brings her skills as a social science researcher and her passion for working with and for marginalized and underrepresented communities, at the Kapor Center.

In 2018, Frieda co-founded the Women of Color in Computing Collaborative (WOCCC) and in 2019 she became a lead Principal Investigator in the Seeding Innovation: Expanding Computer Science for Native American Girls project, a partnership between the WOCCC and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES).

My Sessions

My Sessions

Traditional Ecological Knowledge & Computing Education: Working with Native Culture and Language Bearers

GSB 125

Computer science education has often focused on how innovation and technology are essential knowledge bases that Native/indigenous and racialized students need to succeed in the Future of Work, despite the devastating effects of computing technologies, batteries, metal mining, and e-waste on the health of indigenous lands, waters, and air. But can culturally revitalizing computer science […]

Tech Ecosystem Building