Ei-Nyung Choi

Engineering Mentor

Technical advisor, mentor, and speaker. Former Senior Staff Engineer @ Slack, startup founder, manager.

My mission is to accelerate & support the growth of underrepresented folks in tech. I’m driven to make tech a better, more inclusive place. I have mentored 50+ engineers, tech leads, managers, and manager-of-managers in the last few years, helping them navigate their own engineering path.

I’ve been thriving in the tech industry for 20+ years. When I was a manager and founder, my management philosophy was that I was there to help my direct reports do their best work, to remove roadblocks, provide clarity & direction, to provide wanted guidance, and create a psychologically safe environment for them to thrive. As a mentor, I provide missing perspective, coach on new techniques for success, and cheerlead as needed. I love providing both technical and career guidance, especially deciding if you want to switch from IC to management or vice versa, since I’ve done both paths.

On the tech side, I specialize in performant & scaleable web products, mobile apps, and casual games. I’ve worked in nimble startups and large corporations, wearing every hat, from IC to lead to manager to Founder, and I’m driven by a desire to create happy users while leading a highly collaborative, cross- functional team that develops features end-to-end.

I’ve been a full stack engineer most of my career, and most recently focused on client/frontend development. I also have 13 years of mobile engineering under my belt, encompassing iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, and Palm platforms, which overlap with 16 years of experience in building complex services built on web technologies. I’m comfortable anywhere where I’m making great products for users and where I’m working with a passionate team.

I’ve managed teams, designed pipelines, built products from scratch, and have always been proud that the products I’ve worked on have been best-in-class.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Funnels, Metrics, and Experimentation: Life in Growth Engineering

GSB 109

If you live & breathe funnels, metrics, and experimentation, if you dream in A/B tests and KPIs, or if you despair of when you’ll get to work on a deeply technical system instead of writing throwaway code, this panel might be for you! Come hear from some folks who have navigated their careers in growth […]

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