Dr. Bushra Anjum

Director Data Science & Analytics

Bushra Anjum, Ph.D., is a health data specialist currently working as the Senior Analytics Manager at a San Francisco-based health tech company Doximity. Aimed at creating HIPAA secure tools for clinicians, she leads a team of analysts, scientists, and engineers working on product and client-facing analytics. Prior, Dr. Anjum worked for Amazon as a software engineer, architecting large-scale distributed services supporting Prime Membership. Formerly a Fulbright scholar from Pakistan, she served in academia (both in Pakistan and the USA) for many years before joining the tech industry. Dr. Anjum has been recognized by Tribune as a Top 20 under 40 Professional for career excellence with a deep commitment to community service. She is also a recipient of the LUMS VC Alumni Achievement Award for sustained excellence in engineering, and leadership in the profession and public affairs. Dr. Anjum can be contacted via the contact page bushraanjum.info/contact or via Twitter @DrBushraAnjum.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Introduction to Feature Engineering for ML: Transformation, Extraction, and Selection

GSB 109

In statistical machine learning, the data eventually has to boil down to appropriate numeric values, i.e., features, to be used by the Machine Learning (ML) models. The transformation process is called Feature Engineering, which consumes 70-80% of the ML workflow. In this session, we will discuss the basic techniques of feature transformation, feature extraction and […]

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