Dinali de Silva

Advisor & Independent Consultant

Dinali de Silva is an operator, entrepreneur, founder with 8+ years of experience in early stage startups. Currently, Dinali supports early stage startups as an advisor & consultant. Dinali is deeply passionate about racial equity, inclusive leadership, democratizing education and childcare in the US.

Dinali grew up in Sri Lanka, lived in Chicago, San Francisco and Mexico City, where she currently resides.

My Sessions

My Sessions

The power of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – How to plan and build a MVP

GSB 101

Most early-stage startups are faced with the question “when should we build out a full product?”. One of the big mistakes early-stage startups make is building a product too early. When a company is still defining the problem and customer personas, it’s important to be flexible in order to test, iterate & learn quickly. To […]

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