Cheryl Adams

Program Manager

I am a true explorer of technology. My experience as an Advocate and Sr. Solutions Architect for leading cloud vendors and cutting-edge start-ups inspires me. Blockchain is my latest venture.

Technology is a platform I can explore through development, speaking, and writing. As a storyteller, my goal is to inspire and advocate for seasoned developers or those just starting out. I continue to build my experience in this space. UX design allows me to develop processes that support creatives. I advocate for wellness and mental health. I am at my best when I am energized by the work, environment, and people that truly understand the climb.

My Sessions

My Sessions

What Did You Hear?

GSB 118

The ability to hear and interpret sound is effortless for most of us. For those of us managing a challenge to this ability it may not be as easy. However we process communication the brain plays a very large part into how and what we take in. How can we engage and reply in a […]

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