Ana Quiñonez

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area where I still reside in beautiful Oakland, Ca. Strong indigenous roots from Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. Have been working in tech since 2011 working as a sales and recruiting professional with various start-ups in the SaaS and FinTech space.

Started working at 15 and for the past 20 years have been an advocate and public speaker and voice for survivors working with V-day.org and SFWAR. I’ve been doing community organizing and am known to bring various artists, creatives, and professionals together to share and highlight their work through open mic and curated spaces.

My career as a Senior Recruiter has been focused on helping companies scale and grow, and ensuring candidates are the right fit and vice versa. I love being in that position as a recruiter and helping other POC get their foot in the door by providing mentorship and guidance as needed. I’m passionate about healing and helping others to heal and live successful and abundant lives.

My path into tech was far from ordinary and now as a lead recruiter, I get to advocate and help others break into tech working closely with hiring managers and candidates to advise and coach through the hiring process.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Healing while working, while living & trying to breathe

GSB 118

Many of us have experiences that have shaped us. My goal is to help normalize our stories & illustrate how powerful they are. We don’t have to hide our pain but can instead channel it in healthy ways and learn that our traumas are emotional reactions that deserve to be acknowledged, and healed. Our health […]