Traditional Ecological Knowledge & Computing Education: Working with Native Culture and Language Bearers

GSB 125

Computer science education has often focused on how innovation and technology are essential knowledge bases that Native/indigenous and racialized students need to succeed in the Future of Work, despite the devastating effects of computing technologies, batteries, metal mining, and e-waste on the health of indigenous lands, waters, and air. But can culturally revitalizing computer science education also offer an entry point to returning stewardship of lands to Native people, healing our relationship with land, and the resurgence of Traditional Ecological Knowledges (TEK)?

This talk will engage audience members in a discussion of tribe-specific, Native girl-focused cultural revitalization frameworks for CS education created to co-design curricula with Native tribal culture and language bearers. The presenters will discuss ways to respectfully engage with Native knowledge and language keepers and elders in creating CS curricula according to traditional values of respect and care for the land, including land-based computer science education. Participants will be encouraged to examine and transform their own relationship to land, their cultural knowledges, and ancestors to support the survivance and self-determination of Native and indigenous students in computing education. This talk will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to build community with each other and the presenter during the presentation.