The Talent System is Broken – Designing Better Ways to Hire

GSB 109

The talent system is broken. We hear over and over again from companies that they need diverse technical talent right NOW! These companies are running up against systemic issues around inequity and representation in the tech industry. Read: you can’t all get the same underrepresented mid to senior-level engineers.

The companies that are truly making strides in hiring at scale are thinking differently and ultimately more strategically. They’re launching apprenticeships with rolling cohort models to address new and existing talent upskilling. 60% of employees said they received no professional development and training last year. It’s a part of why team members are leaving and companies need to invest in their existing talent with the same upskilling approach for new team members.

Apprenticeships for career changers increase diversity, transparency, and overall opportunities for overlooked talent. This results in more roles filled, a diverse internal pipeline of mid-level candidates, opportunities for mentorship and engaging employees, and the ability to hire more in the future.

In this talk, I’ll discuss how the talent system is broken and how this can be a defining moment for your company to develop new and existing talent in exciting and innovative ways, thus ensuring your hiring and retention goals are covered today but also, in the future.