“I’m Here”: A Spoken Word Piece On Being More Than A Diversity Hire

Littlefield Concert Hall

I am performing an original piece for the Tech Intersections Conference, specifically, to uplift Black Women dealing with the questioning of their value and feeling the crippling affects of imposter syndrome. The piece is called, “I Am Here” and will serve as a celebration to honor how far we’ve come in the world of technology, despite, the intentional obstacles to keep us out; to remind us that it is our God-given right to take up space in the world and in the companies we are hired to work for. The piece will highlight the self-confidence, the self-trust, the grit, the brilliance, and the determination it has taken every single one of us to still be standing in todays world of white male dominance and supremacy, and the value we hold in the companies we work for—both for our skill-sets AND our emotional intelligence… is immeasurable. Things are changing because we exist and persist. Companies are changing because we are taking up space. There is no imposter. There is only room to grow into our next level. I would love to perform this piece and honor my Sisters in tech, and leave them feeling good about who they are and why they are deserving of the roles that they are in today.