Healing while working, while living & trying to breathe

GSB 118

Many of us have experiences that have shaped us. My goal is to help normalize our stories & illustrate how powerful they are.

We don’t have to hide our pain but can instead channel it in healthy ways and learn that our traumas are emotional reactions that deserve to be acknowledged, and healed. Our health especially mental health needs to come first- health is wealth!

Our experiences, and who we are at our core are what makes us so powerful. They make us unique to the workspace and bring new lenses, perspectives, ideas, art, culture and so much more to so many different audiences, platforms, and tech.

Our voices and experiences matter. Sometimes we have to be reminded of our strength even though it is easy to turn the other cheek, overwork ourselves, ignore our health and create burn out and stay in the same patterns and loops, wondering why we aren’t happy. While many of us think burnout is working too much, I think it’s actually a combination of overworking and trying to manage our many emotions as humans. Let’s focus on ourselves first.