Getting the Foot in the Door: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviewing in Tech

GSB 125

What is your approach when looking for a new job or career? How do you best convey your skills and experience in your job search? You may already be experienced with writing resumes, cover letters, and interviewing, but this is one of the most important first steps of advancing or starting your career.

Not being able to accurately identify important and relative skills, write clearly and effectively, and speak confidently in interviews is often the reason why getting your foot in the door may be a challenge. Take control of your personal brand because with these tips and tricks using a job search lifecycle approach, you’ll take them with you wherever you go in your career.

In this talk, you’ll learn a ‘job search lifecycle’ that includes:
• How to find job titles relative to your skills
• How to tailor your resume and define experiences based on what they look for/how it benefits the role
• How to use job descriptions to write cover letters on your skills and passion that is tailored to the company
• Using a multitude of resources to prepare your elevator pitch and for interview questions
• How to build confidence in telling your unique story through professional writing and interviewing