Natalie Gray

Co-founder/ Head of Product

Natalie is currently responsible for front-end design at Cover as Head of Product and Co-Founder. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and BA in Mathematics, she moved to New York where she worked in the fashion industry. Prior to Cover, she co-founded Stylekick which was later acquired by Shopify. Natalie was selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and she is a Y Combinator Fellow and YC Alumnus.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Raising Your First Million and Other Perspectives from Women of Color on Raising Startup Capital

GSB 101

According to CB Insights, less than 10 percent of venture-backed companies have a female founder. Less than 1 percent have a black founder with only 0.2 percent of venture funds going to black female founders. Only 26 black female founders have raised over $1 million in outside capital, and of the black female founders who […]

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