Erin Pañgilinan

Co-Founder and CCTO

Erin Pañgilinan is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Technology Officer (CCTO) of Salamat.
She is a software engineer and computational designer, author, entrepreneur, and educator who has worked on exponential technologies: the metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and web3/blockchain/cryptocurrency. 
Before the metaverse was a thing, in 2018, Erin conceptualized the internationally acclaimed O’Reilly Media book, Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities: Theory and Practice for Next-Generation of Spatial Computing. Since its publication and release in 2019, its reach is in over 2 dozen countries and has been translated into Chinese and Korean. Her chapter focuses on data and machine learning visualization in spatial computing with a focus on use cases in biotech and healthtech.
Erin was selected into fellowships: GitCoin Kernel (2021), Alley – housed out of Verizon Ventures (2019), Oculus Launch Pad – (2018), University of San Francisco Data Institute – Deep Learning Program (2017-2018), Data Ethics Inaugural Class (2020). 
Early in her career, Erin worked for 5+ years in civic engagement and was official paid electoral campaign staff for Ro Khanna for Congress (2014) and Obama for America (2012). 

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