Raising Your First Million and Other Perspectives from Women of Color on Raising Startup Capital

GSB 101

According to CB Insights, less than 10 percent of venture-backed companies have a female founder. Less than 1 percent have a black founder with only 0.2 percent of venture funds going to black female founders. Only 26 black female founders have raised over $1 million in outside capital, and of the black female founders who have received venture funding, the average amount is only $36,000 compared to the overall average of $1.3 million. Project Diane, the research arm of digitalundivided, recently released a study reporting that Latinx women have raised only 0.4 percent of VC investments since 2009.

Despite these abysmal numbers, some women of color have been able to raise VC funds, and others have gotten creative around funding their startups using different strategies. In this session, you will hear how one woman-of-color founder was able to raise over $30 million in 3 rounds in less than 3 years. You will also hear from 3 serial entrepreneurs who advise, mentor, and incubate new people-of-color led startups around the nation. They will share their insights on raising capital and how to survive in the startup world.