Ally Skills Workshop

The Ally Skills workshop is open to anyone who wishes to learn how to be a better ally and advocate for women of color in tech. This year, expert practitioner, Saba Ghebreyesus of FacingIn, LLC., will lead the Ally Skills workshop, “The Path to Solidarity.” In this workshop, Saba will help allies understand how to take steps towards solidarity with women of color and become co-conspirators in transformational community building.   

The Ally Skills ticket includes:  

  • The opening session of the main conference, with keynote speaker Erin Pañgilinan, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Technology Officer of Salamat (VR/AR).
  • The morning and afternoon sessions of an interactive workshop “The Path to Solidarity” led by Saba Ghebreyesuso, co-founder of Facing In.
  • Gourmet Pinx catering for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • The closing session of the main conference, which features a fireside chat with Bria Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Honey B Games.

Because space is limited, we encourage early registration.